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How can I tell what skin type I have?

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Everyone's skin is unique, which is why there is no single solution to any problem and it is important to keep an experimental mindset when building your routine. Determining your skin type will help you take the first step to evaluating the treatments that are right for you. The five major skin types are:

How can I tell what skin type I have?

Normal Skin
Those with normal skin have a good balance of oil and moisture. They are not prone to breakouts and generally have firm, healthy skin with minimal wrinkles.

Dry Skin
Dry skin tends to feel tight due to a lack of oil and moisture. You may notice some flaking or itching up close in the mirror. You may also see fine lines where your skin pinches.

Oily Skin
Oily skin will appear shiny/glowy throughout the day. Those with oily skin are prone to larger pores and acne.

How can I tell what skin type I have?

Combination Skin
Those with combination skin experience both oiliness and dryness, sometimes due to changes throughout the seasons. Others will have an oily T-zone but dry cheek area.

Sensitive Skin
Those with sensitive skin tend to flush easily and are prone to rashes, redness, bumps, and may react negatively to certain skincare products. If you have sensitive skin, you need to choose your products carefully.

Not sure which category you fall in? You can find out by using blotting papers35. Apply the blotting papers to your face -- if the paper is completely saturated with oil, you have oily skin. If the paper shows little to no oil, you likely have dry skin.