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Asked a question 11 months ago

Hi, I'm a first timer for using a beauty product what is the best skincare I should use ?

Where am I?

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It's best to first identify what type of skin you have. Are you dry, oily, combination, or sensitive? You'll need to know this first as you may have skin concerns that you'll want your skincare products to address. 


Now it's time to build your skincare routine.

You'll do with just a cleanser or moisturizer or you can go with the whole Korean 10-step skincare routine. It depends on your skin issues and things you want to address so you can build up form there.

Here's some essential things you'll want to get:

Gentle face cleanser


Hydrating moisturizer

Exfoliating mask



Other things you may want to add:

Spot treatment cream for acne

Serum for addressing certain skin issues 


This is not really a comprehensive guide, but it should give you an idea.