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Best serum for acne prone skin?

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I cannot give you the best acne treatment product, but I definitely can suggest you a few. Understanding the root of your acne is the foremost thing to do though. So visiting a dermatologist first is recommended. 

Anyway find an article about some of the best acne treatment products here. 34

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My mom is friends with a dermatologist and she recommended me the Origins Willowherb:

My face used to be very red and chalk full of acne scares but I started using this consistently and after a few months there was a noticeable difference. It's hasn't gotten rid of all my acne (I wish there was something that did :P Let me know if you have any recs), but I'm definitely less red in general. The willowherb is a normalizing product so it's supposed to balance our your oils. Hope this helps! (: