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Sky Garcia
Creator: Makeup artist, DIYs, Fashion and many more!

How to achieve a Summer SUNKISSED Glow!

Hi there guys!! Makeup has always been a part of me since I was very young. Playing with makeup to me has become a comfort zone, a happy place and also a place where  I could unleash all my worries and frustration. I've always loved art, DIYs ... (More)

Eye makeup

Any good tips for eye makeup for light blue eyes? 

Tinted moisturizers and foundations can be used for similar purposes but there are a few key differences:

  • Foundations provide heavier coverage. Foundations are in the color cosmetics category and are designed to have heavy pigments to cover up your ... (More)

I’ve tried them before and yeah they take a lot of time and patience. I was not able to keep the habit up consistently for over a few months so I didn‘t notice a huge difference, but maybe you would have better luck if you are more consistent about... (More)